I am a Tucson photographer who has been passionately pursuing photography since 1997. I shot my first wedding about 15 years ago, in the days of film.  I learned the art of photography the hard way- by enduring the work-flow of peering at negatives through a magnifying loupe on a light-box. Because of this, I'm able to incorporate the purity of the disciplined photography of those days with today's digital technology to create images you will enjoy for years to come.  


While many photographers advertise that they are "available light" or "natural light" photographers, I do not limit myself to what nature hands me.  If needed, I have the training and equipment necessary to overcome the most common lighting challenges photographers face.  So that we can get the best images no matter what.  

I've done special events for various organizations, including extensive work with a local charter school shooting their dances, graduation, and kindergarten portraits. As a wedding photographer, I've shot weddings in all kinds of venues from a Chinese Buffet (yep- that's not a typo) to a Colorado ski resort and everything in-between.

No matter what kind of photography, my foremost goal is not simply to take a picture, but to make sure I catch the twinkle in the eye of the bride as she sees her groom for the first time, or to memorialize the intensity of a mother's love for her newborn baby, in other words, I strive to capture the real you!